Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande split

Derek Jambor ’20 Business/ Ad Manager

When people heard the news of the breakup between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson it was not a shock to most. The 24-year-old Davidson was secretly with the 25-year-old pop star Ariana Grande while she was dating rapper Mac Miller. Just two months after announcing that they were a couple, Davidson proposed to Grande. When this news came out, social media blew up over the newly engaged couple. Some were thrilled to see this happen while others felt it was an immature act, and almost forced considering it was only a two month period of them seeing each other.

Asking Maddy Peters on how she felt when the two got engaged, and she said “It was very foolish. I don’t think he was really ready for a long term relationship especially since they are both famous celebrities, and they were attacked by the media.” The media did not stop photographing the couple. It was a challenge for them to just have a quiet meal together without the paparazzi being present. It was probably even a hard life for the couple to live which made them both stressed.

Just a couple weeks after the break up of Miller and Grande, TMZ reported that Pete Davidson sent Miller a picture of him and Grande lying together, but there was nothing said after that. In the moment Davidson did not think of it to be a big deal, but on Sept.7, shortly after the announced engagement of the two, Miller passed. Grande was devastated when she had heard the news about this, she said on instagram: “I am so mad. I am so sad I don’t know what to do you were my best dearest friend.”

Grande and Miller seemed very happy together when they were dating. The two started out dating in 2012. They even recorded a hit song called “ The Way” in 2013, and it blew up the billboard charts. When the couple ended up splitting, it appeared hard on both of them. She always helped him get through rehab and when she left him Miller had nothing left.

After the news was released about the picture Davidson sent to Miller, Grande confronted him about it. On Oct 15, 2018 the engagement was called off, and Grande and Davidson were no longer seeing each other. Obviously, they did not want that to happen, but Davidson was still hurting from the death of her ex boyfriend plus Davidson made a bad choice that could hurt Miller more than he already was.

Davidson is still a star on Saturday Night Live, and on Nov. 3 he said at the end of his skit “[Ariana’s] a wonderful, strong person and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world.” This came after he heard her new breakup song thank you, next. The two are still friendly with each other, but their relationship is over, and both will be looking to continue doing what they do best.

Photo courtesy of People Magazine

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