Meet the lesser known shopper’s holiday: Cyber Monday

Kaylie Lukomski ’19, Student Life Editor

While most people are familiar with the bustling crowds that pour into malls across America before the sun rises on Black Friday, not as many are familiar with what follows three days later: Cyber Monday.

To participate in this particular holiday, one does not even have to leave their home. All a person needs to take part in Cyber Monday is access to the internet, a credit card, and an eye for a good bargain. Online retailers offer great deals and discounts on this day that cannot be found any other time of the year, allowing those that know about these sales to take advantage of them.

However, a lot of people are unaware of the remarkably low prices that exist on Cyber Monday, so sales pass by without shoppers utilizing these special offers.

Others also prefer Black Friday to this online shopping holiday, so they choose to make their purchases in person bright and early instead, disregarding the online sales.

Senior Savanna Hoin is one of these shoppers. She said, “I don’t [shop on Cyber Monday] because we have Black Friday,” and she enjoys the “tradition” of Black Friday over the online version. Hoin does like the fact that shopping on Cyber Monday is “fast and easy to do,” but she dislikes that “you have to wait for your orders” instead of getting to take home your purchases that day if you shop in person.

There are some who do take advantage of these lesser known online sales, though, like junior Dana Urquieta, who said she likes how “no one really knows about it so you get good deals,” but agrees it is extremely “underrated.” However, Urquieta admitted that although she is fond of Cyber Monday sales, nothing can beat Black Friday for her. She still prefers the experience of shopping in person with friends in the early hours of the morning, even with the great sales she is able to find online.

Currently, Black Friday is a much more dominant shopper’s holiday than Cyber Monday. People eagerly anticipate this day, saving up their money in order to charge local stores in search of the cheapest and coolest items while others are still asleep.

However, with our society quickly moving towards the integration of technology and internet services into our everyday lives, Cyber Monday may soon notice an increase in its popularity as more shoppers take note of the excellent deals and discounts that online retailers offer on this day.

So, this Thanksgiving season, if you would rather stay in bed instead of mobbing your local mall along with swarms of energetic shoppers and endless lines, wait until Monday and visit your favorite store’s online site to take advantage of the great offers. After all, they only come once a year!
Photo courtesy of B and H

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