Falling for Fall : why students love the cool season

Dani England ’19, Circulation Manager

When you think of fall, you think of colorful leaves dropping, a cool breeze, and apple orchards. But that is not everything people love about this chilly season. Senior Cameron Holmes said, “I love fall because it’s the start of the college football season, and I really pay attention to that. I also really like watching the leaves change colors outside once it starts to get colder.” Holmes also likes the fact that it is high school football season, which he said he really enjoyed this year because of how far our team went this year, going 10-1 at the end of the year.

High school football is a big focus area for many high schoolers. Senior cheerleading captain Jordan Steele said, “I really like the fall season because it’s the season for sideline cheer. This year was so much fun being a senior and my last year on the team. I also like fall because of Halloween, and I really like being able to go to Erwin’s and the haunted forest and other haunted houses like Erebus in Pontiac.” She added, “Cider mills are one of my favorite parts of fall, and being able to go pick apples and pumpkins and buy donuts and cider with your friends is really fun and a good thing to do in your free time.”

Most people in South Lyon enjoy the fresh donuts from Erwin’s Cider Mill on Pontiac Trail and Silver Lake Road, and so many people go through the haunted corn maze each year. Senior Bree Koski, enjoys going out to the cider mill herself, and also many other things that have to do with fall. Koski said, “Carving pumpkins is one of my favorite things to do because I love getting creative with it. Spooky season is my favorite season because I just like being able to decorate certain things around the house or in the sub with my family, too.” Koski agrees with Holmes that she likes watching the leaves change colors once the temperature starts dropping. She continued, “The cool weather also means it’s more acceptable to drink hot drinks, and I love coffee and tea, so getting into these cooler months will let me start drinking those a little more.”

Obviously, when you think of fall, the things that come to your mind initially are the things that people love the most about it. Sports are also definitely a big thing for fall, with some coming to an end, but some starting new beginnings. All of this is leading towards winter, though, the coldest season of them all. Although people love the cool weather of fall, no one looks forward to below freezing temperatures, and we know our fall as Michiganders will not last long.
Photo courtesy of Time Magazine

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