The spooky sequel shakes the country

Dani England ’19, Circulation Manager

The movie Halloween was released in theaters on Oct. 18, across the U.S.. Halloween is part of a series of movies that first came out in 1978 about a serial killer named Michael Myers on halloween night, walking around (quite literally walking) and killing people in the community. It was a bus transfer from a psych ward gone wrong, when inmates on the bus had fled from an accident that had happened on the side of the road. While most of the inmates were harmless and under small charges, there was one who was dangerous. A serial killer named Michael Myers who attacked the community they crashed in years ago.

Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is a grandmother who survived an attack from Myers 40 years ago. But this time, when he returns, she is ready for him and to protect the people she loves.

When I bought my ticket for the movie, I was expecting it to have a little more suspense and to be a little more frightening than it was, but it was a pretty ‘expected scare’ movie. If you are not someone who likes to watch scary movies, ‘Halloween’ is the one for you. Although the scares could be spotted or picked out before they happened, they are still ‘jumpable’ if you are one that does not enjoy those kinds of things.

If you are a big scary movie person, Halloween would be a piece of cake to watch. All of the scares are ones you have seen before, so if you are used to seeing them, you can pick them out in an instant.

Overall, the storyline of the movie is good, and as always, the stereotypical stupid high school girls in scary movies that run anywhere but to obviously safe places make for good humor. Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie at 80 percent. Gamespot said that Halloween, “doesn’t reinvent the wheel or create a new subgenre of horror. What it does is take the best parts of all the films in the franchise, and deliver the ultimate companion piece to Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece.” Personally, I would give this movie an 8/10, about the same as Rotten Tomatoes, because of the fact that I am used to scary movies, but it was still intriguing and pulls you in no matter how much you are expecting something to pop out. I just felt that it was a little unrealistic how this serial killer is just walking around a town killing people and is able to catch vulnerable people without going over 5 miles per hour. Halloween is approaching soon, so get to your local theater and get in the Halloween spirit!

Photo courtesy of US Today

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