South Lyon Students Favorite Halloween Candy

Stevie Macgregor ’19, Sports Editor

It is almost that time of year again, South Lyon. We put on our masks and costumes to go out into the night in search of adventure, or in most cases, candy. Whether or not you decide to go trick or treating, you will ultimately be craving your favorite sweet at some time during the evening. One hundred high schoolers were polled as to which candy they’ll be craving this Halloween and the results were similar to what one would expect.  

Kit-Kats and Reese’s were by far the most popular candy among those surveyed.  Senior Joey Villarosa’s favorite halloween candy is Reese’s and when asked about what makes it the best he said, “The moist peanut butter on the inside and a chocolatey delight coating on the outside.” With regard to the most popular response, Kit-Kats, junior Joey Kinjorski said, “The chocolate is very delicious and the wafers add great texture.” Kit-Kats and Reese’s are loved for different reasons, but are still staples of Halloween all the same.

Not all of the responses stayed in line with the popular, name brand candy. Senior Douglas McClure said Mounds were his favorite candy. Mounds are a chocolate candy with a creamy coconut inside. McClure likes them around halloween time the most because, “People don’t really like them.” He’s able to get them easier this way.

So, it seems that South Lyon is geared up and ready to go for Halloween. Just the thought of their favorite candy seems to get their mouths watering. Their favorite candy awaits them on the spooky night of Oct. 31.

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