Let the college journey begin

Dani England ’19, Circulation Manager

Junior year is all about getting high test scores on standardized tests so you have the potential to get into the college of your dreams. Senior year is then all about using those test scores to start applying to those schools that require you to submit them. Some seniors at South Lyon High School have already finished that process, and are all set to go to their colleges.

Senior Nick Panoff has recently been accepted to Ferris State University to attend in the Fall semester of 2019.  He is planning to major in Pre-Optometry and minor in Business Management. After college, Nick stated that he wants to “combine [his] major and minor and use them to start [his] own optometry business.”

Another peer at SLHS is senior Lauryn Rygiel, who is attending Northern Michigan University (NMU) to play Division II lacrosse and focus on studying business and accounting. Rygiel said that she chose NMU because she, “fell in love with the school, and lacrosse gave [her] a chance to lower the cost.”

Among these two there is one other senior who has used that early opportunity to apply for their dream school, and has gotten accepted already. Senior Emily Baumeister is planning to attend Grand Valley State University next fall. She is still undecided about her major, but is looking to pursue a career that has to do with math or science. Some of Baumeister’s friends attend Grand Valley, but that is not the main reason she wants to go there. She said that, “I really love the campus everytime I go out there, and I’m able to stay close, but still be far away from home at the same time, which is a good balance.”

Although the standardized testing process is long and stressful during junior year, it is all worth it. If you submit your application early like these SLHS seniors, you are able to have a stress-free year and not have to worry about that responsibility of submitting those junior year scores late and potentially not getting into the college of your dreams because other people got an extra step on you.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Merrick

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