Getting into the swing of things: freshmen adjust to their first year of high school

Noah DeSantis ’19 Managing Editor

Freshman year – the first year of blood, sweat, and tears – can be one of the toughest times of a student’s high school career due to the increased difficulty of classes and their associated workload. High school is a whole new world compared to middle school to these newcomers and while not only having harder classes, it is a much bigger atmosphere than they are used to. For some, there is no difference between high school and middle school, it is just a bigger place. Others may view it as a difficult transition that takes time to grow accustomed.

As many of the freshmen will tell you, the biggest difference is the amount of homework you get and the increased workload compared to middle school. Getting used to these changes can be difficult, but having the help of fellow peers and teachers can be a huge help. When asked about what is helping him get through his freshman year, freshman Josh Mason said, “Being on varsity soccer has been a huge help. Being able to see my upper classmen teammates in the halls and ask for directions to classes or just talking to them about the game we had had the night before helps me a great deal.” Playing a fall sport can have a hugely positive impact and help freshmen develop new friends as well as improve social skills.

Freshman year can be an awkward time due to the difference in school events compared to middle school. With homecoming, the freshman tailgate, and the football games, it is necessary for freshmen to do what they can to participate in these events despite the awkwardness that may arise. However, when asked about these issues, freshman Dylan Albanice said, “The homecoming pep assembly was a huge part of the reason I went to the homecoming dance the following night. I was skeptical at first on whether or not the dance would be any fun, but seeing all my peers cheering and having fun at the assembly really changed my view on school events.” These four years of high school can go by fast, but school events can make the most of it and creating these memories that you can look back on, and share with your family and recount ‘the best four years of your life’.

Although freshman year can be a tough transition compared to middle school, having friends that guide you along the way and school events to bond over with peers, help make this process much easier and make those somewhat socially awkward times more relaxed and relieved of stress.

Photo courtesy of Facebook

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