Boys tennis slams the season

Tristan Hughes ’19, Business/Ad Manager

They have been grinding almost daily since August.  The South Lyons boys tennis team is one that deserves more recognition than they receive. With a solid 3-3 record this year the team is on the upswing. This includes a great win over Milford 8-1 and a crushing backhand to our rivals South Lyon East, with a 5-4 finish. By the end of the season, they managed to tie Walled Lake Western for fourth place in the Lakes Valley Conference. Looking back on the season, junior Alexander Sherburne said, “The season was fantastic; everyone is getting much better, and I couldn’t be more excited for next year.”

The scoring of a tennis match is likely unknown to the average reader, but it is actually quite simple. The team is divided into three singles players and 5 doubles teams and then ranked. The #1 singles player from one school will go on to play the #1 singles player from the other school and likewise for the doubles teams. The playing consists of a best of three win basis, meaning the first player or doubles team to win two sets, wins their school a point. Once every game has been played, the points are tallied up, and the school with the most points wins the match.

The tennis team is lead by coach and English teacher, Mr. Jeffery Prueter, with captains, Alexander Sherburne and Joel Katsuda. Under their strong leadership, they strive to get better everyday, finish out this season strong, and preparing a great season next year. Since they were very competitive this year with such a young team, they have high hopes for next season.

The team chemistry might be the best part of the organization. When asked about his favorite part of tennis, senior Joel Katsuda said, “We just like hanging out, hitting balls, and playing tennis.” It is this positive mentality and joking personality that brings the boys together. According to Mr. Prueter the environment of the team is very great and continues to get better as time goes on.

Because the team is very tightly knit, they are able to grow as players. Mr. Prueter said that he is most proud of “the growth of the boys from their freshman years to now, and their willingness to push each other everyday.”

In conclusion, the boys tennis team is a young but strong organization with high hopes of good competition next year. With their positive mentality, and their joking, but motivated  atmosphere they are able to grow both as players and people.  Congratulations seniors on your hard work these past four years, and best of luck to the team next year.

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