10 easy group costume ideas

Ava Mac ’21, Entertainment Editor

When Halloween creeps in, it is the best time of the year for those who love to dress up. You will have your people who buy the most costly, elaborate apparel, like last year’s Pennywise and now this year’s Black Panther and Venom. Or you will have others who spend relentless hours, crafting their perfect Fortnite skin costume and planning their DIY Wonder Woman look.

But for the others who would rather not spend more than ten minutes or ten bucks on a costume, it can be a bit of a fright. Especially when friends drag them into it.

Group costumes with friends can be really clever and fun, and they do not have to be an expensive, time-consuming hassle. Why waste precious time and money at online stores or Halloween City when you can make a cohesive group costume using supplies from a Salvation Army or home? Here are 10 simple group costume ideas with effort so minimal, it is scary.


  1. Spice Girls- Turn the 90s pop legend group into a legendary pun. Wear any plain outfit, and put your favorite spice on a necklace.
  2. Olympic Rings- Go for the gold by putting a colored hula hoop on a necklace over a plain outfit to make the five Olympic Rings.
  3. Care Bears- Join the cast of your favorite childhood show. Wear a colored onesie, sweatshirt or t-shirt and cut out your favorite Care Bear icon to stick to the front with tape, all completed with fuzzy ears.
  4. Dominoes- No explanation necessary- just wear a black or white top and stick on some black or white cut out circles.
  5. Where’s Waldo?- Finding your friends at any party will become easy with this iconic costume. Wear the classic red and white striped shirt and hat with jeans and black glasses.
  6. Arthur- Join the cast of another childhood gem by wearing fuzzy ears and the outfits of the main cast, like Arthur’s sweater or DW’s dress. You can find these simple pieces at Salvation Army or Goodwill.
  7. Social Butterflies- Flutter away with a white t-shirt decorated with a social media logo and colored wings.
  8. Beanie Babies- Be one with nostalgia and wear the Beanie Babies tag as a necklace with an animal onesie or sweatshirt underneath. Junior Corrine Stewart full heartedly recommends this idea, saying it was really cute. “They were also in an episode of iCarly and I love that show,” Stewart said, further supporting the idea.
  1. Men in Black-  Catch some aliens with a suit and tie look completed with the classic shades.
  2. Peppa Pig- Dress up with your friends as the cast of the iconic kids’ series.“It’s simple, funny, and there can be multiple different interpretations,” sophomore Jillian Clark said when she came up with this cute idea.


So as the 31st inches in closer like a ghoulish creature of the night, do not waste away your Halloween, all alone and costumeless, missing out on the spirit. Get together with your friends and use one of these easy group costume ideas to have a Halloween you and your friends will remember for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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