Vending machine improvement

Paulina Swain ’19, Social media manager

It’s time for a change in the South Lyon High School cafeteria. For the most part, vending machines provide students with an easy way of obtaining snacks and drinks throughout their school days, which is why what is in the machines should be determined by the students themselves.

According to an instagram poll, in which high school students were asked if they would like to see improvements in the vending machines, such as new snacks and drinks  in school, 74 percent of high school students agreed to this change, and the other 26 percent did not have a preference. For the past few years all that SLHS has supplied in the cafeteria were four drink and one snack machine.

             When asked what additions should be made, junior    Maddie Paquette said “I really wish there was candy like M&M’s and Twix bars.” Although those are unhealthy options, students are going to spend their money on food and beverages  that appeal to them. “Also, get rid of the all the diet pop and bring in better drinks like energy drinks and chocolate milk, but the good kind, you know like Guernseys chocolate milk” Paquette added.

With the switch up of the options available the school could benefit as well with the rise in profits from the machines available in the schools cafeteria. With more appealing options there would be more students stopping by the new machines during their free time

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