Best Classes at South Lyon

Troy Brinkel ‘20 Sports Editor


When beginning your freshman year, the elective options seem endless. You feel like you want to take them all, but you know your time is limited, leaving you choosing which electives sound most interesting. After selecting three rounds of electives, I can safely say I know quite a few must takes.

The first class I would highly recommend is TV1 and TV2. They are very creative classes that are all project-based which gives control to the student, not the teacher. This makes the classes feel very self-driven; the class is taught by Mrs. Emily Kane. You are also not confined to the classroom, but instead the whole school: even the parking lot is usable for filming. TV2 is also the class that handles the announcements which allows you to show your videos off to the whole school. Junior Katie White, a member of TV2 said, “I love that we get a lot of freedom and responsibility, and doing announcements is cool no matter the position you have.” TV1 and TV2 train you to work with specific deadlines, and to work behind the scenes of a broadcast production.

Another class I would highly recommend is Entrepreneurship. This class,taught by Mrs. Brenda McCloskey, is an extremely useful class when preparing yourself for real world business. The class works by introducing different types of business, thus letting you choose what kind you would like as you create your own business. Junior Dylan Knox said, “It taught me different insights on the business world and what it takes to be a good business owner. Also it showed me that I enjoy learning about the world of business.”  This class has you create a product or service by having you develop your own business and website. The class is essentially a must-take for somebody interested in starting their own business out of high school.

A third class that I recommend taking is either AP World or AP U.S. history. Both of these classes are taught by history teacher, Mr. Timothy Brehmer, making these classes very similar in structure. These classes are both college level making them very difficult, yet for anybody interested in world or US history, they are just enough. Both classes will progress chronologically through important time periods and events in history.  A student will receive daily work and weekly reading with reading quizzes on the following Monday. The class has few summative assignments over long periods which allow for students to prepare.


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