FIFA 19, a hit or a bust?

Noah DeSantis ’19, Managing Editor

Electronic Arts (EA) have released another addition to their already extensive series of games for the 2019 season, FIFA 19. Every year, FIFA is one of the most anticipated sports games for all soccer loving fans. However, the past two FIFA games, FIFA 17 and 18 have received a lot of backlash due to player in-game prices being too high. Fans want to be able to buy their favorite player in soccer, but they do not want to have to grind out the game and spend countless nights to try and get enough coins to purchase them; however, this year seems to be new and distinct compared to the previous FIFA.

FIFA and overall new content being added, the game has grabbed more attention from former FIFA players and even new gamers as well. According to EA Sports, over 24 million copies of FIFA 18 were sold last year worldwide, and it is estimated that even more copies are going to be sold by the end of 2018.

When asked about FIFA 19, sophomore Shane Marinkovich said, “I like the new FIFA, the new player ratings are fair and the new kickoff modes are fun to play.” This holds true to many FIFA players; the new modes to play with friends allow a more in-depth experience and a more competitive experience. EA has implemented six kickoff modes in FIFA 19, including the classic mode of all FIFAs prior to this one. Overall, this FIFA seems to surpass the prior FIFA in game modes to play with your friends and offer a more engaging experience to the player.

Sophomore Jean Gamboa said, “I like FIFA 19 more than the last FIFA, but I think the shooting is worse.” EA has created an all new shooting mechanic into their game called timed finishing. It will allow more accurate finishes, but it is harder to use due to having to time the shots perfectly to get a better chance of scoring a goal. Of course, you can still use the old fashioned way of pressing the shoot button on the controller, but the timed finishing will reward you with a more precise and harder shot.

FIFA 19 is a game that is far superior to the past soccer games from EA Sports. The new game modes allow a more in depth experience to players and make one on one versus games between friends much more interesting to watch and play. In addition to this, the new shooting mechanic allows players to more accurately finish their chances and have a better chance to win their games. Overall, this FIFA is a joy to play and it is highly recommended for interested FIFA players to purchase and try these new mechanics themselves.

Photo courtesy of Twitch

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