A Quiet Place is nothing to be silent about

Kallie Gibson ‘18

       Horror movies are a popular idea in the modern cinematic world. Millions of people wait for the next flick to come out so that they can scare themselves to no end. Intense music and terrifying plot structure are huge parts of the horror genre. A Quiet Place uses both of these, but leaves out the idea of dialogue, which makes it more horrifying than any other movie.

        A Quiet Place zones in on a family living in complete and utter silence. There has been a apocalypse of unidentified alien-type creatures that are terrorizing and destroying anything that makes a sound. No one is sure how they got here, but they do know to always be quiet. The movie follows the family through their lives of quietness and fear and how they all deal with it. To their benefit, the Abbott family already knew how to talk without any noise at all.  Living with a deaf daughter has made it easier for them to communicate via sign language. Throughout the movie it is evident that the mother who is portrayed by Emily Blunt, is pregnant. Near the end of the movie, Blunt’s character, Evelyn, gives birth while trying to escape from one of the creatures.

     I’ve seen the movie twice now and each time it got better. “I liked it. I really liked it. I thought it was different from other movies, it kind of made it more intense and nerve-wracking.” Senior, Brylee Brothers said. I noticed small things I hadn’t before and was still on the edge of my seat. The concept of quietness throughout a horror movie is different, as not many movies incorporate the aspect of silence. Director, and actor, John Krasinski is sure to keep the audience guessing. Krasinski uses silence to his benefit to create one of the greatest horror movies in this decade.

“The director did really well with this. I don’t really know much about film making or anything like that, but I do know this was awesome” Sophomore Jake Fadler said on behalf of Krasinski’s work. There is a lot of focus on the works of the directors and producers so it’s important that Krasinski and other filmmakers perform to the best of their abilities.

Some viewers might argue that the plot makes no sense or something like this would never happen, but that’s just part of the horror genre. The plot isn’t suppose to represent a true story half of the time, so they’re basically complaining for no reason and missing out on how incredible the film was.

       The plot was scripted amazingly, the cast was remarkable, and overall the movie is hard to beat. The film was the perfect amount of terrifying while still having other characteristics. “This film isn’t only about the monsters. They included something I’ve personally never seen before. A deaf actress. I’ve never seen one in a movie and I think it’s pretty cool that they did that.” Senior Shea Smith was intrigued by the use of actress Millicent Simmonds.

Overall, A Quiet Place is definitely the horror movie of the year. It keeps viewers guessing and never lets the audience down. I found this movie to be completely mesmerizing. This movie was the perfect blend of thrilling and emotional. I would recommend that any horror-loving movie goers see it as soon as possible. It is very worth leaving the house to experience this film.

Photo courtesy of Youtube

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