Spring break: expectations v. reality

Alyssa Duff ’19, Website Editor/Social Media Manager

There are always expectations when it comes to plans, especially with all the standards set out by movies and shows, for things to be perfect. Spring break expectations are no different, while you can still have fun, majority of times thing do not go as planned. Whether it was a staycation, traveling somewhere in the United States or internationally, things can go not as planned, but can still be enjoyed.\

The staycation:

We have all had at least one break in which no vacation has been planned. Even though you may wish to be at some tropical location, staycations are not always bad. For instance: you can sleep in as late as you want, watch tv for hours on end, play as many video games as you desire or anything else that floats your boat. While all of these things may be true, everything does not always go as planned. Junior Kevin Liddell said, “I did not really have expectations for break, but I did eat way more McDonald’s than I wanted to.” Let us be honest: can you really have too much McDonald’s? He believes so. While he may have eaten too much fast food, he also was able to hang out with friends almost everyday. On the other hand, junior Jacob London said, “I expected to hang out with friends and work a little. However, in reality I ended up working too much, taking my dog to the vet and due to a busy schedule, not hanging out with friends enough.” Whether it be an upset stomach, work, or just a busy schedule, certain things can derail the plans for the ultimate staycation. But do not let this get you down, there is always another staycation opportunity right around the corner.

The trip around the United States:
Imagine it now: the sun beating on your face, getting a perfect tan without burning and having a great time with family or friends. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it may not always work out like that. Junior Nick Panoff, who took a trip down to Florida said, “I expected to not get sunburned, but my nose was beat red.” But this does not mean he did not have fun. He said, “I did not expect the water to be as clear as it was, I thought it was going to be mucky. The water was also really warm which was great.” While sometimes vacations do not go as planned, the opposite was true for junior Ian Gesler, who went to Florida as well, a popular destination for spring breakers. Gesler said, “I expected it to be great, and it was great. But now I am back in Michigan and the depression from the cold is greater than ever.” Even though spring break did not go quite as planned for Panoff, both Gesler and him had a great time vacationing in 80 degree weather.

The international journey:

Traveling to a new country, or a part of a different country can always be an enjoyable learning opportunity. For exchange student Noah Capek, he traveled to Canada. “I thought Niagara Falls was going to be surrounded by nature; in reality it was a really touristy area,” Capek said. While it might have been more of a tourist attraction than he thought, it was still really beautiful and a great time. Later Capek said, “I was expecting it to be cold, and it was very cold.” Sometimes expectations turn out just how they were predicted. Junior Justin Krist said, “I went on a cruise for one week, and we went to Florida and Cozumel, Mexico. It was extremely hot, to be expected, and I made some friends which was nice. I then came back to Michigan, which was colder than I expected, and hung out with friends.” For both Capek and Krist, the weather of spring break was shocking, but enjoyable. Both went on to explain that they had a great time on vacation and cannot wait for the next one.


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