Dream Destinations: SLHS students weigh in

Annalise Hansson ’18, Photo Editor

The majority of our vacation destinations are determined by what our family wants to do, our budget, and the time we have off work or school. However, it’s always nice to dream about a vacation with no limitations. Here are some students’ take on this:

Senior Emily Schram: Bora Bora

“It’s on the top of my list to sleep in the little huts on the water… and meet a very tan foreign man.”


Photo courtesy of tahiti.com

Senior Emma Hall: Bora Bora

“It’s absolutely beautiful and is at the top of my bucket list. Kim [Kardashian] also lost an earring in the ocean there, so maybe if I find it I’ll have the money to pay for the trip.”


Photo courtesy of booking.com

Senior Robert Dilg: New Zealand

“I love to hike and travel, and hiking across New Zealand and seeing the mountains, fjords, and forests would be amazing.”

new zeland.jpg

Photo courtesy of CNN

Senior Rachael Sweigard: Iceland

“I want to see the northern lights there and relax in the lagoons.”


Photo courtesy of damesly.com

Junior Brian Watson: French Alps

“I enjoy architecture so I would build my own house in the French Alps and live there.”


Photo courtesy of easyJet.com

Senior Autumn Percy: Cappadocia, Turkey

“It’s kind of a secret destination. They have hot air balloon festivals and are known for the fact that they carve caves and mountains to make buildings instead of normal buildings.”


Photo courtesy of travelandleisure.com

Map photo courtesy of geology.com

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