Cheap Date Ideas

Annalise Hansson ’18, Photo Editor


Living in a small town like SL can make it difficult to find new, fun things to do. Especially as a teenager, coming up with affordable things to fill your free time can be tough. Here are some simple ideas to do with your boo or friends that do not break the bank:

  1. Have a picnic on the “dump” (aka James F. Atchison Memorial Park)
  2. Family Video movie marathon
  3. Walk through a park or recreation area (McHattie, Kensington)
  4. Go to a city’s downtown area and people watch
  5. Work out together (Day passes are $5 each at Powerhouse)
  6. Do a Little Caesars & Netflix marathon
  7. Get ice cream and walk around Brighton Mill Pond
  8. Disney movie marathon
  9. Putt putt golf
  10. Visit a Humane society or animal shelter
  11. Bring your dog(s) to a dog park
  12. Print out a constellations map and go stargazing
  13. Play board games (give Clue or Mad Gab a try)
  14. Color on your driveway with sidewalk chalk
  15. Have an at-home cooking competition (your friends, siblings, or parents can be judges)
  16. Bike on the rail trail or through Kensington
  17. Have a beach day and bring snacks and games
  18. Go ice skating (Novi and Brighton have ice rinks)
  19. Bake together
  20. Get cultured at University of Michigan Art Museum (it’s free)

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