Balance in a relationship

Abigail Tobis ‘20, Managing editor

Relationships are arguably one of the most important aspects of life. They can range from being with your mom and dad, to your relationship with your significant other, to your relationship with your neighbor across the street that you have forced awkward interactions. No matter who, every relationship needs balance. It may seem like a tricky concept, but there are many things that you as a person can do to obtain and maintain balance in your relationship.

The very first thing to do in a committed relationship of any sort is to always strive to have genuine kindness between each other and care for one another. If your mother gives you an amazing present for your birthday, then you should do the same. If your friend compliments you on the new shirt that you got, make sure to say thank you and return the compliment. You want to carry the kindness and be kind to one another because it shows that you care for one another. Being kind and caring towards someone can consist of the small little things. For an example if you know your significant other, your mother or anyone is sick, comfort them with food, bring them food and most importantly show you care.  Having kindness and care is vitally important in order for someone to want to even have any sort of relationship with you in the first place.

The second necessity in a relationship is is generosity. This does not mean that you should spend all your money on the other person, because anyone can spend money without thought. Giving in a relationship is used in order to maintain balance, so you have to consider the balance. This means that if you are constantly getting from the other person in the relationship, and you are giving nothing back or vice versa, then there is a problem. If you are constantly giving but you are getting nothing in return, then it is time to either talk to the person about the situation or consider dropping the relationship, because it is not fair for you.You have to make sure that you and the other person are equally giving and getting, love, respect and time.
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