LLER unsung heroes: the kids who make a difference

Kyle Parikh ’18, Business and Ad/Circulation Manager

The Listen, Learn, Exert, and Respect (LLER) award is awarded to students by teachers each month. The LLER award recipients for the month are pooled together for a chance for one person to win various prizes from SLC3.

“SLC3 (South Lyon Connection Celebration and Community) is a group of students that wants to better the school by making everyone feel recognized and celebrated,” president of SLC3 junior Taylor Vitori said. Though just one winner is posted upon the SLC3 board, everybody in that pool is deserving of recognition. Not every teacher makes sure to select a winner at each monthly opportunity, so there are very few people who receive this award each month.

Teachers can select whoever they want for the award with no specific criteria, so teachers can have different reasons for choosing their recipients. Some teachers choose winners based on academics, others may prioritize character.

A lot of people are able to get the recognition they deserve, but many do not. When people do not receive positive feedback for what they do for too long, they will eventually stop and move on to a new behavior due to the lack of recognition.

An anonymous teacher said that he or she likes to choose people who do not normally win academic awards. “I like the idea of giving someone a ticket to the award ceremony at the end of the year, they may not have honor roll level grades, but they deserve the award for being nice and/or hard working.”

They might not have all of the honor roll and principal’s list accolades, but they will have the LLER award under their belt, and their parents can proudly watch them be celebrated at the award ceremony.

Math teacher Ms. Mary Roman chose junior Vaughn Vinson because he is always at 100%. He is constantly asking questions and asking for help to ensure that he knows the material. He is not the type of person to give up when he does not know the answer; he will not rest until he understands everything. She said, “he has the no-quit attitude that makes me confident that he will become successful.” He is always putting forth his best effort regardless of the situation.

English teacher Mrs. Erica Hoffman chooses people that she knows had to overcome something. Sometimes we forget, but everybody has their demons; everybody faces adversity to drag them down. “I like to reward the kids who have the most to overcome,” Hoffman said.

“It made me feel like who I was is important and that staying true to yourself will make you stand out in a good way,” senior Sam DeFrank said. He was awarded with the award back in December by Mrs. Brenda McCloskey for being respectful and always staying true to his beliefs regardless of what the people around him. Winning the LLER award also awards student with a sense of confidence that will last them a lifetime. It is fulfilling to gain affirmation for hard work.

The Listen, Learn, Exert, Respect Award is not awarded at all schools. South Lyon High School is able to recognize students for being special. The kids who make this world a better place are highlighted here at South Lyon High School because of the LLER award.

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