If you could be anywhere in the world…

Chloe McCarthy ’18, Feature/Opinion Editor

While Michigan’s icy pothole-covered roads, whipping winds, and freezing temperatures are simply beautiful during the winter (this is sarcasm), during these cold, bitter winter months, sometimes we cannot help but dream of warmer horizons. We surveyed some students to find out where they would go with the snap of their fingers.

Senior Jillian McKenna

“I would go to Sydney, Australia and walk on the Harbour Bridge. My dad went there and held a koala bear, and ever since then I’ve really wanted to go there.” When asked her thoughts on Kangaroos, McKenna answered, “I think they’re pretty cool. They’re cute. I find them interesting because of the whole pouch thing.” If she ever does make it to Sydney, McKenna assured us she will throw some shrimp on the bah-bay.

Senior Jenah Hatton

“My dream destination is Venice, Italy. I love the idea that they have such a different culture, and they have so much more appreciation for the finer things in life, especially food. I would try as much pasta as I possibly could if I went to Venice.” As far as culture shock goes, Hatton admits it would take some getting used to traveling by gondola, rather than car. “Venice is such a beautiful place to go to if you want to just live in the moment and enjoy every second that goes by.”

Sophomore Alex Valencia

“I would go to the Atlantic Ocean and swim with the sharks. I wouldn’t go on land. Just float on my back.” Upon hearing this, you may think Valencia wants to do this to overcome a phobia of sharks, or perhaps hang out with sharks because they are his favorite animal. However, it is simply not that deep. Pun not intended. But we’ll go with it.

Junior Gannon McIntosh

“I would definitely go to Los Angeles. I would eat all the trendy hipster food you see on Instagram, like avocado toast. After that, I would do all the touristy sightseeing stuff, like the Hollywood sign and the beaches.” That is, looking at the Hollywood sign from afar– you can get arrested for getting too close. It’s pretty much the only tourist attraction LA has. Nevertheless, the sunny days of LA are lookin’ pretty nice right about now, that is for sure!

Freshman Alondra Reyna-Salcedo

“I would love to be in Mexico right now because their winters are more like summers.” Due to global warming, however, Reyna-Saldeco says this past winter has been tough on her family living in Saltillo, Mexico. “When it does get cold, it gets really cold, and since they do not have heaters in their house, it’s been a struggle these past few weeks.” Reyna-Saldeco added she would love to visit with her grandparents and cousins.

Photo courtesy of Dollar Photo Club

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