The SLCS district has a lot of history

Emily Aiken ’20, Managing Editor

South Lyon High school has been here for a long time. Probably longer than you think. It did not just appear out of nowhere. The school, along with the district comes with a lot of history.

It all started in 1876, when the South Lyon Union School district was formed. The first graduating class in South Lyon consisted of two young ladies with the names Carrie Greg and Hattie Hooker. It was not  until 1915 that the South Lyon Union High School was built, and it served as the main school for many years. Meanwhile, a new school [Bartlett Elementary] was built  in 1955, and another high school on Nine Mile was constructed in 1969, which is now known as Millennium Middle School.

In 1998, South Lyon Union High School was abolished and used as the School Administration Building. The high school that we know and love today, located on the corner of 11 Mile and Pontiac Trail was eventually built in 1990. Since then, it has gone through many renovations. Assistant Principal Mr. Mitch Rosekrans, who has been working here since 1990, said, “This school has gone through many renovations. All were phenomenal.” For instance, in 1999, it only had 22 classrooms, an auxiliary gym, and a new wrestling room. Eventually, SLHS upgraded with additions like a pool, two softball fields, batting cages and many other facilities.

The year of 2007 was full of new things for the district. SLHS underwent a major renovation including new ceilings and flooring and more modern designs. In addition, SLEHS was being built and opened within the same year, mining half of the school population to East.

Since then there have been more renovations specifically to technology and the security. “We are very lucky to be doing what we are doing. We will continue to see more changes as time goes on,” Rosekrans added. Although this school is great right now, we can expect to see even more great additions in the future.

Photo courtesy of HometownLife

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