Valentine’s Day Pros and Cons

Emily Aiken ’20 and Abigail Tobis ’20, Managing Editors

Conversation hearts, teddy bears, and chocolate in boxes in the shape of a heart are all things you probably hear around this time. It is February after all. While some may be excited for all of the love, others may be dreading it.



Valentine’s Day is a way a great way for two people to confess and show  their love for each other. Even though many think that this day is corny, but that may be the best part about it. It can be good for couples who feel that they have lost that spark, or who feel that their relationship does not have much to it; Valentine’s Day can be a way to regain that lost connection. You can buy flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears for your significant other and bring them, and yourself, joy. This could be the perfect time to tell that certain someone you have had a crush on for two years. There are also benefits for your health that Valentine’s Day brings to the table. As stated by WebMD, “According to a growing amount of research, chocolate, red wine, and love can play a role in keeping the blood flowing throughout the body.” Valentine’s Day is a healthy and amazing holiday that is beneficial both emotionally and physically. This holiday brings people together and is a great way for two people to profess their love for each other. It is a day for celebrating love, and what could be better than that?  



The many people that spend large amounts of money on flowers and chocolate probably feel that Valentine’s Day is tied to commercialism. This 2018 Valentine’s Day is expected to generate $19 billion in economic activity. “It is very expensive and stressful… I never know what to get, so I end up buying more than I should,” an anonymous sophomore said. Although it was not fabricated just for commercial reasons, one might say that it has been over-commercialized, as many holidays are.


Well, what if you do not have a valentine? It does not necessarily have to just be for couples. Valentine’s day is a day to give and receive love whether your in a relationship or not. This could be a time to embrace your single status and give love to anyone, regardless of if they are your significant other. You do not have to worry about someone else, and you can have that chocolate cake all to yourself without judgment or shame. Valentine’s Day may be portrayed as a holiday only for couples, which can make people feel insecure, but it ultimately is about love. What else? Loving yourself!


Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to red hearts and chocolates. It is a time for two people who to spend time together and are in love? Or is it just an excuse to get you to spend your money? Nonetheless, grab your significant other, get them chocolate, and just enjoy the day of love.
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