Super Bowl 52: clash of the gridiron’s greatest

Sam Hallanger ’18, Student Life/Sports Editor

Every year 32 professional football teams in the National Football League (NFL) fight back and forth to claim the title of world champion. They fight for bragging rights and for the cities they represent to bask in the glory of being the home to Super Bowl (SB) champions. The teams playing against each other this Sunday, Feb. 4th in the SB at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota are the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. This will be the Patriots tenth SB appearance and sixth win if they can overcome their bitter rival, the Eagles, who are in their third SB while still looking for their first ring.

The New England Patriots will be planning to make history as their quarterback (QB) Tom Brady seeks his sixth SB ring, the most SB wins for any football player in history, which will earn him the grand title of GOAT (greatest of all time). “The Patriots are definitely going to win; it’s just how it goes with them,” senior Alex Chalabian said. Under head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, the Patriots have made it to eight SBs and won five while the sixth has still yet to be decided. Brady is going into the game leading the NFL in passing yards during the regular season as a QB with 4,577 yards.

The Patriots have so far been favored to win against the fast, hard hitting Eagles who have been viewed as underdogs for their whole playoff run and have their second string QB Nick Foles in under the center. “It is time someone brings down the Patriot’s dynasty, and I think the Eagles are the ones to do it,” senior and varsity football player Will Kelley said. Foles is filling in for starting QB Carson Wentz who tore his ACL in the 14th week of the season, and as a starter he has a 4-1 record. Yet, throughout the playoffs and with each game, he has only gotten better and better with his QB abilities.  If Foles wants to win the big game though, he will need to give everything he’s got to outshine one of the greatest teams to ever play on the football field.

Around 110 million viewers tuned into for last year’s SB, but this year is expected to be lower from recent political incidents within the league, but it could also be the same from last year. Justin Timberlake will be performing the halftime show for a second time, while P!nk will be singing the “Star Spangled Banner” before the game starts. Also, if people are not football fans, they still can enjoy the iconic commercials costing around seven million dollars just for a 30 second ad space. It is going to be an exciting Super Bowl for these rival teams when they meet for the biggest game that is sure to be full of hard hits, clutch plays and thousands of screaming fans.

Photo courtesy of CNN

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