Students dream what they would do with lottery winning

Sam Hallanger ’18, Student Life/Sports Editor

Every once in a while a lucky person wins big and cashes in a winning lottery ticket to sometimes receive an extreme amount of money reaching the millions. With this money the winner is able to buy almost anything they could ever want or dream of. The most recent Mega Millions jackpot reached a whopping $451 million, thats a whole lot for students looking to win big. We asked several students here at South Lyon High School what they would do if they won the game of chance we call the lottery:


“I would buy a Tesla and the house of my dreams.” -Senior Casey Gravescasey graves (1)

“If I won the lottery I would buy tons of clothes and shoes.” -Junior Ian Goinsian goins (2)

“I wouldn’t know what I would do if I won there’s just so many possibilities.” -Sophomore Elyssa Hassalyssa haas (1).JPG

“I would use the winnings to buy a new phone since mine is so old.” -Senior Britney Porterbrittney porter.JPG

“If it was a large amount of money I would buy myself a new house and a bunch of cars like a Jeep or something nice.” -Senior Kyle Coatskyle coats (1).JPG

“I would probably donate some of the money, but would also spend a lot on clothes and stuff I want.” -Junior James Haddockjames haddock

For now most of these are just dreams of some of the students here at SLHS, but maybe one day someone here won’t call them dreams anymore. Maybe a student here at SLHS will defy all the odds against winning and bring home something that everyone wants, vasts amounts of money. With jackpots breaking record highs more and more each time there is a drawing the thirst for winning grows stronger and stronger, while students dreams also get bigger and bigger.

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