Twenty songs to incorporate into your life today

Alyssa Duff ’19, Website Editor/ Social Media Manager and Annalise Hansson ’18, Photo Editor

Check out this playlist in order to have the right song to match the right time of the day. Ranging from waking up, to being at the gym, to going to bed, this December playlist has the tune for you!


Waking up in the morning

“Nervous – Acoustic” – Gavin James : Use this song to jump start your day with a tempo that increases as the song goes on.

“Motions” – Shoffy : This song is great for the morning because of the chill vibe that allows for rest, but gives you the motivation to get out of bed.


Getting ready

“Glock Six” – 6lack : This catchy tune allows you to start your morning in a good mood.

“Forrest Gump” – Frank Ocean : There is nothing like a light hearted song to listen to while you drink your coffee


Driving to school

“Bone + Tissue” – Gallant : Start your trip to school right with this smooth song that will lift your spirits.

“Therapy” – Khalid : This easy to sing- along to song is the perfect way to jam out before walking into school.


Working at school

“A Team” – Ed Sheeran : While doing classwork, a throwback song is definitely the way to go.

“From the Dining Room Table” – Harry Styles : This song and Harry Styles’ album in general is a great way to make you feel good while hustling along during schoolwork.


Driving home after school

“Dollhouse” – Melanie Martinez : After a hard day at school, sing along to this song to put you in a fantastic mood.

“RIP” – Olivia O’Brien : Rock out to this jam as you are anxiously waiting to pull into your driveway.


Doing homework

“Up There” – Post Malone : During the hardship of doing homework, make sure to have this jam playing to keep you out of the dumps.

“Ride Slow” – Russ : Throw in your earbuds and sing along to this song while working your way through the homework.


At the gym

“Don’t Stop” – Blackbear : Pump some iron to this upbeat jam.

“Butterfly effect” – Travis Scott : Get in your cardio while singing along to this song.


Hanging with friends

“Loving Someone” – The 1975 : For an alternative beat this song is right for you and your friends.

“Take it Back” – Logic : Jam to this upbeat, meaningful song with friends.



“Hostage” – Billie Eilish : The best way to relax is with a feel good song like this one.

“Naked” – James Arthur : Wind down with this song in order to get ready to have a good night’s rest.


Before going to bed

“Flicker” – Niall Horan : End your night by listening to this low key song.

“Low Life” – X Ambassadors featuring Jamie N Commons : Finish up the long day with this song that allows you to clear your head.


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