It’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Brianna Timmer


The story that is about to be told,

Is one so daring and bold,

Filled to the brim with frivolous trim,

And an ending that is rather grim.

But let me quit the waste of your time,

And begin the story of a momentous crime.


We start our tale on a beautiful day.

Young Jimmy went out in the yard to play,

But his mother yelled at him to come in,

For the sky was getting quite dim.

Jimmy mounted the steps and prepared

For the upcoming storm that blew through his hair.

“You were out there for a while” said mother,

“Come here”, she said, beginning to smother.

Wanting to make sure he got up his energy,

She poured him a glass of the key

To all strength and healthiness,

A drink that reduces doctor’s stress.

And taking it into the living room,

He drank half as the thunder boomed.

But then as he expressed his day,

His hands swaying like flowers in May,

A great tragedy took hold,

One that was sure to mold

The rest rest of his life,

A moment he would take in strife.

His moomoo-juice began to drip

Onto the floor where he was sure to slip.

But the thought of a meer fall was far from his mind

As the gears in his head began to grind.

He thought of how hard it would be

To get out the stain that his mother would see.

He cringed as he pictured the bacteria

Festering like on a table in the cafeteria.

This life saving drink turned out to be

Poor Jimmy’s greatest enemy.

For all these thoughts overwhelmed his head,

And he broke down and cried for ages in his bed.


You may ask yourself as to why

A man such as Jimmy would cry.

Because what’s the use of crying over spilt milk?

Even if it ruins a shirt of luxurious silk,

This drink can be easily cleaned up,

And everyone has had days that are rough.

But sad, sad Jimmy never learned this lesson.

Everyday he would cry over the slightest tension.

He cried over tests and and games and girls;

He cried when his hair hadn’t properly curled.

But he hadn’t thought to stop,

To maybe talk it through or take a walk.

He just became a river, and as soon as the tears dried

He wept and wept about messing up his pie.


Jimmy thought of these inconveniences as

Though he had broke the world’s largest topaz.

He thought each day was as if a dragon had neared

And hid behind Shame instead of facing his fears.

Even while on his deathbed

Jimmy cried and grew with dread

At the thought of the bills he would have to pay.

He had puffy eyes as he passed away.


So I guess the moral of the story

Is to fill your days with happiness and not worry.

If life has you in a rut like Jimmy,

Take a moment to dance and shimmy.

For everything will turn out okay,

Even if lactose seems to be in your way.



The title, “There’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk”, is a phrase that means that there is no use crying over something that already happened. Our beloved Jimmy, doesn’t quite understand what this means. When Jimmy first spills the milk, he cries for ages. He worries about all the things that could happen, like not being able to get it out of the carpet, if it might rot, if it will stain, what his mother will think.. ect. Jimmy doesn’t realize that if he just calms down, he could find that it’s not the end of the world and that it’s an easy fix. As Jimmy continues on with his life, he cries over anything and everything: the test he got a bad grade on, the game he just lost, not getting the award he thought he would, getting rejected by a girl. He cries and cries as though that will fix it, as though he has given up. Jimmy, sadly, never realizes that this is a bad way to live his life, he even ends up crying over the hospital’s bills while on his deathbed. (I know this ending is rather grim but hey, I warned you of that at the beginning). So what everyone should take away from Jimmy’s story is that the little things in life aren’t as important or devastation as they may seem. It’s important to live without stressing about small things.


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