Leading Cause of Relationship Deaths

Emily Price

Your mind possesses the capacity

To constitute solutions at every cost,

But this ability will lead you to a loss.

You crave to critique, analyze, and inspect,

Yet you fail to examine who this will affect.

Your life is nothing but an investigation;

That is all it has been for our duration.

You become captive by your own thoughts

And bury all rationale in one box.


The harder you think, the less you understand,

Creating problems that were never at hand.

If you had entered my mind you would find

Perpetual paranoia made you blind.

The cause for this behavior is unknown,

But I will confine it and not condone.

Time is the death of you, possibly us,

When you are handed with a surplus,

Your mind takes one comment or observation

And beats itself finding the causation.

Assume the worst and accuse me of it,

But there is a reason why I acquit.

You must realize this is your delusion;

These “problems” are nothing but an illusion.

What I feel for you is not love anymore

When proving myself has become a chore.


Our only hope is to rewind the time

Back to when we were able to align

Before Doubt and Worry took over;

Before they claimed a spot on your shoulder.

I am not open to be dissected,

Nor will I ever be perfected.

You must accept me for who I am

And not treat us as we are an exam.

Maybe this is your insecurity

Or your fear of the uncertainty.

You are the only one who truly knows

So admit it before we decompose.


Prose version of “Leading Cause of Relationship Deaths”


For someone that pays close attention to detail and overanalyzes, it is evident that they bring this into the relationship. However, although sometimes useful, this trait is destructive for the two of them. The speaker feels interrogated for things that should not even need an explanation. The “interrogator” is trying to gain control but in doing so they let their worries and insecurities ruin their sense of rationality.


“The harder you think, the less you understand, creating problems that were never at hand,” (Impossibility) shows that to solve a problem you analyze it to come to a solution, but this lover has lost their sense of rationality so they are actually creating problems out of nothing, or very minute things.


The “suspect,” or the one being interrogated resents the interrogator for constantly having something to prove. The solution to fix them is to find why this cycle keeps repeating. It is thought to be due to insecurities and fear of losing their beloved that causes the interrogator to be paranoid. They must come to terms with their own issues and accept them. (Resolution of Impossibility)


The message of this paradox reveals that relationships can easily end over nitpicking, and often times this is due to an insecurity on one end. It is possible to beat a relationship to death over paranoia and doubt. Instead of allowing what you think may be an issue to get to your head and jumping to conclusions, you must take a step back and ask yourself if it is worth the possible consequence and find out why you are having these doubts. In the end it will only cause resentment and frustration and eventually damage the relationship to where it is no longer fixable. (Meaning)

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