Haters Back Off comes back for a season 2

Emily Aiken ’20, Managing editor

On Oct. 20, 2017, Netflix brought back Haters Back Off for season two. The series follows a comically, talentless alter-ego Miranda Sings, played by YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger. This series is wrapped around her attempt to become famous, while her mom, uncle, and sister, who is the only ‘normal’ one in the family, go along for the ride.


Season one left off when Miranda finally went viral with her unintentionally hilarious YouTube videos. However, because she was so mean to everyone while trying to become viral, they all left her, and she had no one to share the experience with.


Now that she is a YouTube star, her Uncle Jim, who is just as delusional as she is, played by Steve Little, has a plan to make her a broadway star.


There are many funny moments throughout this season, and although it may get uncomfortable at times due to the awkwardness of Miranda’s character, it is done so humorously. Miranda Sing’s character gives the audience something to relate to that most television shows do not portray. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 82 percent of people enjoyed this season compared to season one, of which only 68 percent liked.


While this series in general is very strange and almost cringe-worthy, it also delves into real life problems and has its serious moments. For instance, they introduced Miranda’s father Kelly, played by Matt Besser. Unlike Miranda and her mother, Kelly has a lot of money, and it is very clear that he has not been around for much of Miranda or Emily’s lives, but only comes back when he realizes Miranda is starting to become internet-famous. Furthermore, Miranda’s mother goes through a lot of health issues throughout the season, and this separates the family even more.


This show has a dramatic, comedic value to it.  The short 30-minute, funny episodes will make you want more and click that ‘next episode’ button on the screen.

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