Drama class offers students a breath of fresh air

Chloe McCarthy ’18, Feature/Opinion Editor

Do you have a deathly fear of public speaking? Does the thought of improvisational acting make your nerves fry? If so, drama class is the class for you!

“Drama class helps us work on our listening and speaking skills, which are core things we don’t get to work on as often in other classes,” drama and English teacher Mr. Jeffrey Prueter said.

Drama class is structured quite differently from your typical class. In most classes, the teacher is undoubtedly the star of the operation; he or she does most of the talking and questioning and, well, pretty much everything. Due to the relaxed, collaborative nature of drama class, however, students are constantly engaged and on their feet.

Underneath all the fun, students are gaining valuable life skills such as having confidence in front of large crowds, and, of course, being okay with a little embarrassment. “On day one, I was scared to play a game with the class, but now I can do improv in front of everyone with no problem. My public speaking skills have improved by 200 percent,” senior Lizzie Dilg said.

So far this semester, students have tackled two main projects: a children’s play about an ugly old married couple titled The Twits, and producing a dramatic movie or TV scene of their choice. The scenes came from a wide array of movies and shows, ranging from Friends to Titanic to No Country For Old Men, and just about everything in between. What’s more, the class is currently switching gears to literature, as they explore Tennessee Williams’ iconic play A Streetcar Named Desire. As of now, students are simply eating it up.

Another highlight of the class is the kooky warm-up games, which focus on improvisational acting skills and quick-witted responses. One of the class favorites is called “Let’s Make a Date”, a game where five hopeful bachelor and bachelorettes answer their date’s questions about love while portraying an outlandish character. Some of these characters have included Regina George’s mom, Donald Trump, and Mr. Prueter himself. You can imagine how chaotic, yet hilarious, the game can get.

“My favorite part of drama is playing different characters with such a great class and teacher. We all work so well together, and Mr. Prueter brings out everyone’s best work,” senior Lizzie Hisock said.

Drama class not only offers students a zany change of pace from the rest of their schedule, but crucial public speaking skills and confidence building they’ll depend on for years to come.

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