Halloween 2017

Kyle Parikh ’18, Business and Ad/Circulation Manager

There were a lot of unfamiliar faces in the school this Halloween, from the kitchen down to the pumpkins resting on the window sill.

The largest group costume were the “Things” from The Cat in the Hat. A total of eight seniors created the costumes by themselves. “It was fun to make them with all of my friends,” said senior Aidan Swiatlowski.

Some people were dressed up in funny costumes, others chose to go the more serious route. Junior Jessica Milarch said “I was motivated to wake up super early to put this ‘mask’ on because I wanted to be scary.”

It is one thing to dress up as something for Halloween, but Juniors Bella Ruddy, Madison Porter, and Molly Thomas dressed up as “the three blind mice” and were walking around all day with their eyes closed.  

Other students believe that our costume turnout this year left more to be desired. “Costume game this year was whack.” said senior Janie Mitchell.

There was still undoubtedly a bit of extra excitement in school this tuesday. “It’s fun to see people dressed up in their costumes and we casually go through our day. There’s a chicken right there, you don’t just skip past that!” said senior Jake Roush.

Mr. Brennan and the SLC3/Renaissance club were able to provide pumpkins for people to decorate at lunch. The pumpkin with the most teacher votes won free pizza for lunch. The process went well, and SLC3 plans on turning the pumpkin decorations into a South Lyon tradition for years to come.   

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