More to the music video than what meets the eye

Alyssa Duff ’19, Website Editor

Suspicious briefcase, Chinatown, interrogation, cop chase, shootout. The music video, for “Dusk Till Dawn” by Zayn featuring Sia begins with a series of clips that appears their lives are falling apart. But really, it was just the beginning.

“It was intense and captivating in all the right ways,” junior Kate Riha said.

It flashes back to Zayn peering out of his window watching a mysterious woman holding a classic black briefcase. “Not trying to be indie, not trying to be cool, just tryin’ to be in this, tell me are you, too?” he sings with a gentle voice. This is the first glimpse we get at this idea that the relationship between them may not just be partners in crime.

As the song continues, and as the music video plays on, it is apparent that Zayn is interested in the mystery woman, but she does not seem to notice.

“Make it up, fall in love, try.” This line, so meaningful, so powerfully sung by Zayn and Sia, focuses on the idea of love. This idea that you can fall in love, and make it work, as long as you try. This idea that it might not work out, but it is worth the attempt.

It seems as though they are in Chinatown and the lady is hurrying through the crowd of people to get to her unknown destination. Zayn follows in her footsteps, afterall, he will “be with you from dusk till dawn.”

During an interrogation with the police, “You don’t know me,” Zayn says with a snarly undertone. I watched this video once, and it appeared as though it was just a video of a man acting as a criminal, who was eventually caught. But after watching it a few more times, it is clear that there is a much deeper meaning – this meaning that what one presents themselves to be is not necessarily who they really are, and that the situation presented isn’t the end all be all.

The music video continues after the interrogation with basically the same scenarios it started with, except for the last scene.

In the last scene, as they’re riding off together, the mysterious dark haired women gently pulls of her wig, revealing luscious locks of blond.

“The music video… projects the lengths that two people will go for true love. With the song setting the backdrop, the video shows the audience just what it means to be in love and go through it all together,” junior Anna Chait said. Zayn and Sia were so willing to break the law and bend the rules in order to be together, and that is exactly what they did.

You can learn a lot from a music video. Media, whether it be song lyrics, music videos, movies, and more, majority of the time there is a lifelong lesson that can be taken out of it. For “Dusk Till Dawn”, it was that not everything is as it seems. The idea that their lives were not falling apart, but really they found love and hope in each other.

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