South Lyon making strides in new season

Zayne George ’17, Business and Ad Manager

As the spring season is blooming, so do all of our school’s exciting and rigorous spring sports. A particular sport that light should be shined on, is track and field. This year, the team has some really strong returning faces, along with some fresh ones. The season started Monday, March 13. There is great potential but even more room for growth this year.

This season’s team is one of the biggest in a long time. With senior Liberty Romanick as one of the key returning athletes, she had a great deal to say about the team. “Track is one of my favorite sports to play at South Lyon. It is a good sport because there is something for everyone to do,” Romanick said.

In the past, the track team has always been a smaller team, but with stronger runners. If you can not run fast, you can always run for distance. If you can not run for distance, you can always long jump or high jump. If you can not jump, you can always throw. Track and field is one of the most versatile sports offered in high school, and most people do not realize that at first glance.

Track will help athletes improve in any other sport they choose to play. It helps build endurance and makes you stronger and also quicker on your feet. Running is essential in almost all sports. “I’ve been jumping since middle school, so I really like it. I like everyone on the team and everyone I jump with;” Freshmen Brendan Lach said. Lach has jumped a whole 5’6 since the season started three weeks ago. While senior Josh Travis has jumped 6’2, and Braxton Blackwell jumping 5’10.

This year’s head coach is Mrs. Karen Adragna. In past years, she has always been the assistant head coach. Coach Scott Smith, the cross country coach, is now the assistant coach. There are coaches for different events; therefore, there are two jumping coaches along with a throwing coach.

SLHS has a great set of track coaches who are always there to encourage the athletes to push themselves harder each day and to never give up when things get tough.


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