Juniors find their footing, get ready to take over the school

Dylan Thieleman ’17, News Editor

The juniors are winding down to the last couple months before it becomes their senior year. They thought it was all fun and games until they found out it was not just over after high school. Juniors wonder about how their senior year is going to turn out and if it will live up to the circumstances people talk about.

Kyle Rutterbush said, “I am looking forward to having fun with my friends and taking some good classes. Also, I am pumped for wrestling season.” Rutterbush also explained how he was excited to graduate; he wants to move to Grand Rapids and go to Ferris to get started with his life. Some of the things he said that we wasn’t looking forward to were getting everything in order and all the goodbyes. Overall, Rutterbush said that his favorites memories were made during wrestling season because he made a lot of new friends and got to do a lot of fun things.

Kiana Buchanczenko stated, “I am expecting senior year to be fun and exciting. I think it will be exciting because the classes I’m taking are easy and fun. I also can’t wait for soccer season and graduation of course. Spring break 2K2018 is also going to be a lot of fun with my friends. I know I’ll still have to work hard, but I am hoping to attend more sports events.” She also discussed about how even though she is looking forward to senior year, she is also not excited to switch into that serious mode and actually apply for colleges and then pick one because she knows it will be stressful. Her favorite memory of high school overall is soccer because it motivates her through the school year.

Ryan Gill stated, “I’m excited to make good memories with my friends. I’m most excited for football because I want to beat Walled Lake Western.” When  asked what he was not looking forward to he had a hard time coming up with anything, but then he realized he was not excited for new freshman because he said they do not  know how to walk in the halls. Gill’s favorite memory throughout high school was beating Churchill after they scored 21 points on them and it is his favorite memory because even though his team was losing they never gave up and they fought to the end. The ending score came out to be 22-21. Gill had so many great memories and was so intrigued to find out what his senior year was going to ring him.

There are many footsteps taken throughout high school and many memories are made. As the final year is just around the corner many juniors wonder what the year may bring. For most people it is memories and excitement, but then at the end there is sadness but also joy because you get to move on with your life. Most people are looking forward to graduation, but saying goodbye is not their most favorite thing to do.

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