Don’t ‘sweat’ out money this summer, earn it with a summer job

Tori Pearson ’17, Photo Editor

In less than three months, high schools across the country will be letting out for summer vacation, and that means there will be of teenagers with plenty of time on their hands. If that time is not filled with a summer job, it could have long-term implications for their professional lives. You will not know how it feels without money if you do not have summer job. All your other friends will be buying cool things with the money they earned, while you are wishing you had money, but do students actually know why they need a summer job.

“Students should have summer jobs because it exposes you to the employability skills that employers are looking for in today’s work force,” Assistant Principal Mr. Mitch Rosekrans said.

Top 10 Great Summer Jobs:

  1. Camp Counselor
  2. Golf Caddy
  3. Retail Sales
  4. Food Service
  5. Internship
  6. Lifeguard
  7. Nanny
  8. Housekeeping
  9. Lawn Maintenance
  10. Kroger Grocery Clerk

A good recourse to find all these jobs or jobs in South Lyon go to,,-MI-jobs.html.

According to, 30% of 16-19 years olds are working during the summer. Data processor at SLHS Angie Roush said, “It surprises me that it’s that percentage, because when I was growing up all my friends had a job, and nowadays kids are more enable getting money from their parents; I think they missed the value of being a working citizen.”

Freshman Brooke Werner will be earning her money by babysitting this summer. Werner has been babysitting for almost 2 years now. “I help out the kids, feed them and put them to bed,” Werner said. She added that it’s a pretty easy and sometimes fun way to earn some cash in the summer months.

South Lyon students better hurry and find summer jobs fast before they are all gone. If you are interested in finding a job, there are job postings on the windows outside of the main office upstairs for more information on jobs and their availability.

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