Beauty and the Beast is beautiful, anything but beastly

Emily Ferensic ’17, Circulation Manager

We all seem to be familiar with the 1991 Disney tale, Beauty and the Beast, but recently director Bill Condon marvelously recreated it. Condon takes a stab at recreating this movie by taking on a new form and having real people play the characters instead of animation. Using well known celebrities, like Emma Watson as Belle, he catches people’s attention and brings the story to life. Condon follows the 1991 movie story plot similarly but adds his own twists. The movie is a 29 minutes  longer than the animated version which gives him time to add these aspects.  The movie was elegantly portrayed  and gives off really beautiful imagery.

“I am really excited to see this movie, the animated movie was my favorite so I want to see how it is going to differ,” sophomore Julia Vess said. The movie does differ by adding some more intense details with Belle’s father, rather than what was in the animated version, which you would have to see for yourself otherwise it would spoil it. By adding more details, it brings more action. The only other major change is just removing some details from the animation. Everything else about this movie reflects the animation but more vividly with the choice of the scenery and colors.

The ballroom scene was where these colors and scenery really stuck out, this scene resembled the animated version really well. Music was also another element that reflected the original and gave it pizzazz. The music in this movie will automatically put you in a better mood because all of the elements are nicely placed. The opening song was my favorite in the animated, and it still is my favorite in this movie.

If you are considering seeing this movie you definitely should go for it. It will even make you fall more in love with the classic. I would definitely go back to see this film for a second time so I can pick up on more of the details in the background and get a second chance to fall in love with it more.

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