Procrastination: The Mortal Enemy of Production

Kiana Buchanczenko ’18, Sports Editor

In today’s society, most students have allowed their motivation to lack as the work continues to pile up until catching up is no longer an option. Ultimately, students have began to put themselves into a situation where they have less time to complete their tasks. Students begin to give up that time to do something of their choice as opposed to doing one task, and begin to create unnecessary stress for themselves and others.

This is something a lot of people do not think about in depth in term of the consequences of procrastination. Some people think that procrastination, or just flat out not doing the work, is better for them because they do not want to do the work in the moment, and think by putting it off, they are allowing for relaxation for themselves.  However, by not doing the work, not only is one affecting themselves by adding more stress, but they are hurting their grades which can and will effect in the long run.

“I admit, I put off my work a lot. I want to get good grades, but sometimes I just can’t keep up with all the homework that gets piled up on me,” junior Kamren Kim said. This can be relatable for many students. It becomes hard to keep up with 6 classes a day. Even having homework in only 4 of the 6 classes still can lead to multiple hours of staying up. It is hard to balance everything as a student, but it is much more beneficial to stick it out and get the grade deserved rather than a zero or a grade that is not true to that of what the student deserves or could have earned had the put in the extra hour or thirty minutes.

Waiting till the last second may, at the time, seem like the better option in the moment because you do not feel like doing the work, but getting the work done immediately is always what is best. It may be a pain, and sometimes it is required staying up an extra hour to get the work done, but once the work is done there is the huge satisfaction in having a stressful weight lifted off your shoulders.

The longer you put work off, the harder it is going to be to do it. Fun stuff is entertaining and therefore much more appealing, but it is for that very reason that it will be harder to finish your work after you put if off the first time.

Every step adds up; beginning to procrastinate now will only encourage people to procrastinate more in the future. You could be a much better writer if only you did not put off writing projects until the last minute. There are multiple consequences that can be avoided by not waiting until the last second.

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