Can I go to the bathroom?

Alexandria Lane ’17, Copy Editor

We do not have to ask permission to eat, drink, shower or do any other daily activity. So, why is it that we must ask to use the bathroom? In school, faculty are supposed to be teaching us things that will prepare us for the real world; however, they are still treating us like children, telling us when we are and are not allowed to use the restroom.

Once we move on from high school, we no longer have to ask to use the restroom. We do not see teachers ask. We are not going to have to raise our hands and ask our college professors if we can go. So, if high school is supposed to prepare us for college and life after, why do they not follow the same rules?

As a general rule people cannot control when they need to use the bathroom. Whether it is in the middle of a test, lecture, or during free time, when you have to go, you have to go. Making us ask for permission from an adult is bad enough, but if the teacher says no for an invalid reason like, ‘it is not a good time’ you wind up stuck.

Senior Lexi Sewell recalls a story about how a substitute teacher she had for Divitto her sophomore year. She asked if she could use the restroom, and when he said no, she explained that she was having feminine issues and asked again. He still told her that she could not go. Because of our strict bathroom policy, teachers and substitutes can deny permission to use the bathroom even in cases of emergency.

There are some teachers in this school who do not force students to ask permission to use the restroom. One of these teachers is Mr. Kevin Pasquarella. “I typically teach seniors and I try to treat them like adults and give them the responsibility,” he said. He claims that it is juvenile to have students ask for permission. This is the mentality that more teachers at this school need to embrace.

In contrast, metalsmithing and painting teacher Mrs. Lisa Dunn makes a good point about asking to use the restroom. “Students are still in our care. It’s a liability thing in case of a fire drill (or other emergency procedure),” she said.

My argument is not against signing in and out when we go. I think that is a good policy to ensure the safety of students in case of an emergency. However, the entire concept of needing permission to complete a necessary bodily function is ridiculous.

As we grow older, we should be given more freedom. At 13 to 14 years old, the age we enter high school, we should be trusted to use the bathroom and return by ourselves when we need to.

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