Brighter skin for a brighter you

Alyson Furstenau ‘21, Photo Editor A person’s confidence starts with their skin. For teenagers especially, it is often a constant battle trying to fight off stubborn acne and blemishes. With the addition of a mask that harbors bacteria and produces breakouts, getting clear skin seems like an impossible feat.  The primary targets in most skincare... Continue Reading →

We’ll be having turkey and mas…ks

Kelly Thorell ‘21, Opinion Editor Thanksgiving is the time for large family gatherings, the sharing of food, and hugs with our grandparents: everything contradictory to COVID safety guidelines.  One would expect such a holiday to be canceled in this era of social distancing. But with Thanksgiving being one of America’s most iconic holidays, it will... Continue Reading →

Teens managing stress with self-care

Peyton Lewis ‘23, Feature Editor Many high schoolers nowadays lead very busy lives. Most play sports or go to work on top of being a full-time student. However, because of their busy schedules, a lot of teenagers may not find time in their day for one very important thing: self care. Self care may not... Continue Reading →

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