Staying virtually connected this season: Find new ways to stay social with family and friends this unique holiday season

Jessica Sarrach ‘24, News Editor With quarantine leaving many people feeling isolated from the outside world, it may present difficulties to enjoy other people’s company in the same ways as previous years. Many people have begun to dissociate from regular life, feeling lonely or even becoming depressed from lack of a human connection. Though, just... Continue Reading →

Dear Reader,

You have probably heard it enough to last a lifetime, but we are truly living in a historic year. From a pandemic completely transforming our way of life, to a groundbreaking movement across the country confronting racial injustice, this year has been nothing less than eventful, especially with the presidential election this month to top... Continue Reading →

Brighter skin for a brighter you

Alyson Furstenau ‘21, Photo Editor A person’s confidence starts with their skin. For teenagers especially, it is often a constant battle trying to fight off stubborn acne and blemishes. With the addition of a mask that harbors bacteria and produces breakouts, getting clear skin seems like an impossible feat.  The primary targets in most skincare... Continue Reading →

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